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I'm a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS), budding economist, married to a wonderful wife (Daniela), and father to two delightful children (Jeremiah & Gabriela).


Most mortgage professionals go about their day without a basic understanding of both domestic & international economics, the indicators which move the markets, what causes interest rates to move, and the process of a mortgage from conception at the Wall Street level, to origination with the loan officer, to securitization and eventual funding at the consumer level (and all points in between). While this may have worked out just fine for them during the refi boom when most loan officers were largely considered order takers at best and scumb of the Earth, fraudulent crooks at worse - that model will no longer suffice as demonstrated by the mass of originators who have exited the industry (down from over 500,000 at the peak of the boom to under 300,000 currently - Sept 07).

Savvy consumers, seasoned Realtors and trusted advisors such as CPAs or Financial Planners can breath a sigh of relief knowing that there are still some within the mortgage profession who do still work at honing their craft with excellence and diligence.

Having earned my Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) designation - the only such one recognized nationally by the Financial Planning Association - has furthered my endeavors at becoming a better mortgage planner. I have also received training from one of the most respected mortgage planners in Silicon Valley (Daniel Lawson of Lawson & Associates), became a member of The Equity Alliance Matrix (TEAM) - a select group of professionals traded directly by Missed Fortune 101 & Last Chance Millionaire author Douglas Andrew, and am a member of the Mortgage Market Guide - the industry's leading experts on mortgage interest rate movements founded by Barry Habib who has been featured on CNBC, Fox News, and Wall St. Journal.

If you're looking for a Mortgage Planner who will shine and reflect positively on your clients or for your own loan, please consider contacting me to discuss how together we may acheive your desired goals!

I focus on the California market and have other mortgage planners I trust outside of CA that I'd be glad to refer you to.


Personal finance, economy, playing with my family, San Diego Chargers, working out, basketball, chess, theology, philosophy, Golden State Warriors, politics, Netflix, blogging, podcasts, reading great books, public speaking, debate, drums, and playing with my cat Pebbles!